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How many of you reading this wakes up with the baby glow?  I'm going to be very honest, I don't wake up glowing with radiant skin unless if I put an overnight mask on.  I certainly can't put a mask on everyday.  But, I have found certain products that can give me a really natural glow.  Especially on those post call days or sleepless nights where I drown my kidneys with coffee that contribute to dull, dry skin.  You may refer this glow to as the dewy look.  There are a lot of products that can give the dewy look.  Of all the products I've tried, here are my personal favorites.

1. Glow to highlight: light colors make features pop (so this will help you contour).  I prefer powder highlighter.  For me, the cream sticks don't look as natural and it's much harder to blend.  I use the Smashbox fan brush to achieve the most natural finish with this shine on powder.  Other brushes tend to pick up too much powder for highlighting.  I highlight my T zone area, chin, and cheeks (top part of where I apply my blush).  Every time I use this in combo with the mist below, my fiance will tell me that my skin is glowing :)

makeup forever highlighter makes skin glow and dewy

                                  (left) Make Up For Ever Compact Shine On, in soft ivory beige, $30
                                       (right) picture of me with the highlighter on top of foundation.

       Left: no makeup.  Right: with highlighter

 As you can see, it's very subtle.  You can't see sparkles, it's very natural.

2. Glow to look overall radiant.  This functions as a primer with spf.  It has no coverage what so ever.  If you have dull skin with no blemish to cover and a decent complexion, putting this on alone will do the job.  But, if you have blemishes or in need of color correction, once you add foundation over it, the glow will be covered by the pigments of your foundation and your skin won't glow.  I would recommend this to someone that wants a really natural look and doesn't put much foundation or powder on.  If you have foundation and powder, I think the spray below would be more promising.  It is spf 30, which is not that high, so this alone would not suffice for outdoor adventures.

etude house correct and care makes skin glow and dewy

(Left) Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream - Glow, $17.48
(Right) me with CC cream on (no foundation)

 Left: no makeup, Right: cc cream

You can tell that the cc cream provided no coverage for my veins.  But, it does give you an overall glow to get rid of the dullness.  I will talk about the difference between blemish balm (BB) cream and correct & care (CC) cream in a separate post in the future. 

3. Glow to freshen up.  This is an easy spray to freshen up that glow.  It smells good and it adds moisture on those hot, dry summer days or cold winter days.  This spray is so moisturizing, I use it as a moisture mist and it gives me an instant radiant boost.  My skin literally glows when I spray this on.  There are no glitters either so it looks very natural.  However, if you have oily skin, I would not recommend this.  This also has a fresh fragrance, nothing overwhelming like certain perfumes.  Its' scent is rather refreshing.
 etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist makes skin glow and dewy

                              (left) Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Mist, $14
                                 (right) me with highlighter + baby glow mist on

 This mist does what it says.  It makes you glow.  It does provide good moisture.  The moisture, however, doesn't last that long.  On the contrary, the glow lasted 6-8 hours.  I would not solely use this as a moisture mist because if i spray more than once to replenish moisture, I would end up looking oily.  But, on those post call days where my skin looks dull, this mist and concealer are definitely a quick fix.  I will do a comparison between this mist and the MAC fix in a separate post in the future.

What are your favorites?

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  1. I like the last one the best! It looks dewy which I love!


    1. I LOVE dewy too! Especially because I have dry skin :)

  2. I can't choose one! Love them all! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous weekend<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  3. Look so great!

  4. You have such flawless skin! All of these products look fab

    The Marcy Stop

  5. Really beautiful skin! I always use the first one product <3


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