Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FASHION FOR LESS: ankle strap sandal - Vince Camuto vs. BP

Been looking into strap sandals since they look great with jeans/skirt/dress/shorts.  You can dress it up or dress it down.  Ran into these sandal and found them to be rather similar minus the price tag.  So is it a steal or do you get what you pay for?  Strap sandals has been around for years.  The special feature of these two is the sleeve at the back of your ankle that creates a more unique look.  If you were to compare the two, here are the differences.
1. front straps: The front strap of VC sandals are thicker, which makes it less comfortable.  
2. heel height: both are approximately 3.5inches for size 8-9.  
3. ankle sleeve: VC sandal protrudes out more, which means less friction at the back of your ankle while walking.
4. material: VC uses soft leather.  BP uses synthetic lining.  So VC is easier on the skin and will conform to the shape of your feet.  
5. Price: BP. is much cheaper
Overall, BP. was more comfortable because I have small bunions and the BP sandals gave my feet plenty of room.  Although it is not made of our leather, the placement of the straps made it comfortable to wear.  The thinner strap also makes the shoe look more sleek.  My only complaint for this shoe is that because it's synthetic material, it is not as comfortable at the ankle area.  And this pair of shoe runs large.  I normally would wear 5 or 5.5.  With this pair (BP.) shoes, I ended up fitting into a size 4.5 with extra room in the back.  
My final verdict: BP. wins.

Vince Camuto 'Court' Ankle Strap Sandal BP. 'Luminate' Open Toe Dress Sandal

Vince Camuto 'Court' Ankle Strap Sandal BP. 'Luminate' Open Toe Dress Sandal

What do you think? VC 'Court' or BP. 'Luminate'

Speaking of shoes that look like twins, Vince Camuto came out with a shoe that looks IDENTICAL to a pair of shoes I bought last year from Dolce Vita.  So if you didn't get to buy last season's Dolce Vita because they ran out of stock, Vince Camuto came out with a doppelganger!

I love my Dolce Vita alpha leather flats.  I'm tempted to buy the Vince Camuto one too so I can own them in both black and brown.  I think I love shoes ^.^

Sunday, February 8, 2015


We've been looking at houses in Claremont and passed by this little park that ended up being the perfect backdrop for this week's photos.  Ever since I saw a fireplace made with stacking stones, I've been obsessed with it.  So when I saw the stacking stone wall, I just had to stop and take some photos there.  I've been looking for a pink wool jacket this winter and I finally found one that fits me!  It's so warm and comfy.  This shade of pink matches casually with jeans and drapes elegantly over a dress.  I can never say no to versatility.  

The fabric feels like mohair but it's soft and not irritating to the skin at all.  It is lined.  It is 30% wool, 25% polyester, 23% alpaga, and 15% mohair.  Very warm and comfortable.  Was on sale for $39.99!

~Staying warm this winter~

Sunday, January 18, 2015

ZARA GIRLS stock clearance finds for PETITES

zara girls grey quarter jacket for petites

zara girls grey quarter jacket for petites

zara girls grey quarter jacket for petites

zara girls grey quarter jacket for petites

zara girls pink fur jacket for petites

zara girls pink fur jacket for petites

zara checked jacket for petites

zara checked jacket for petites

zara checked jacket for petites

CHECKED JACKET in sand/blue $22.99 size 13-14

Finally, my hubby and I have the same day off to take some blog photos.  Sometimes I would walk by the Zara girls section because kids clothes length are just right for us petite girls.  For me, girls clothes is a hit or miss.  Sometimes, even if it fits, it doesn't look right.  Or at times, the colors are too childlike (ie. bright pink, neon green).  But, this winter, I found a few jackets I love from Zara girls.  I was rather shocked that I ended up wearing a size 9-10 for the grey quarter jacket.  But, I guess that jacket runs large.  3 jackets for $70 was such a good deal!  If you are petite too, check Zara girls out :)  Girls clothes cutting tends to be different but with jackets, skirts, and leggings/skinny pants, girls clothes are perfect for us petites.  Stay warm this winter girls!

For reference: I'm 5'2.
Next post: J.Crew grey suit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FASHION FOR LESS: DVF Zarita lace dress vs. Adrianna Papell Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress

Months ago, I did a post on the DVF Zarita dress since I got lucky and bought the dress on sale.  I recently found a cheaper, and possibly better alternative to the DVF dress.  I have received many complements on this dress and have worn it many times for special events.  My husband almost never recognize a dress I wear more than once. But, with this dress, he was shockingly able to recall all the times I've worn it and where I wore it to.  So perhaps, this gorgeous dress is memorable? 

Diane Von Furstenberg 'Zarita'Diane Von Furstenberg 'Zarita'
DVF Zarita Dress from old blog post

adrianna papell long sleeve lace sheath dressDiane Von Furstenberg 'Zarita'

adrianna papell long sleeve lace sheath dressDiane Von Furstenberg 'Zarita'

1. Length:
-Adrianna Papell Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress --> 34" (petite), 36" (regular)
-DVF Zarita --> 33.5" (no petite size available)

2. Material:
-Adrianna Papell Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress --> 56% rayon, 44% nylon
- DVF Zarita --> 70% rayon, 30% nylon
Both rayon and nylon are cheaper alternative to silk.  So both dresses will drape well.  However, rayon ages poorly compared to nylon.  Many rayon products yellow with age and pill or form small balls and areas of roughness where the fabric is most heavily worn. 

3. Price: 
-Adrianna Papell Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress --> $158
- DVF Zarita --> $348

1. Cutting, drape, color selection, V back, neck line, sleeve length, zip closure, lined, both needs to be dry cleaned.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


This is a really quick and short post.  Banana Republic is having a 50% off all sales items ending today (12/28/14 - CODE BRWINTER) with free shipping on purchases >$50.  Here are some of my picks :)  Simply click on the pictures for links to the item.

seamed inset tankbanana republic seamed inset tank

Seamed Inset Tank $10.00 (black) with code BRWINTER

lace banana trim top banana republiclace banana trim top banana republic

Lace Trim Top $12.49 (in black and white) with code BRWINTER

banana republic pieced lace topbanana republic pieced lace top

Pieced Lace Top $10 (in white) with code BRWINTER

banana republic mixed media drop shoulder topbanana republic mixed media drop shoulder top

Mixed-Media Drop Shoulder top $15 (in white) with code BRWINTER

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Happy Holidays!  With the weather getting cold, I started to look for some nice winter sweaters.  Came across some sweaters from Target and found them to be very similar to the ones in loft.  What do you think?  Worth paying more for the brand name?

loft jeweled 3/4 sleeve sweater 

Orig: 69.50, now on sale 54.99, now additional 40% off no code needed =$33

target embellished crew neck pullover sweater merona

Orig. 27.99, now 16.79, additional 10% off with red card = $15

Left: Target jewels
Right: Loft jewels

loft jeweled ribbed sweater

$69.50, now 50% off without code = $35
target embellished crew neck pullover sweater merona

Target's Embellished Crew Neck Pullover Sweater - Merona

Orig 27.99, now $16.79, additonal 10% off with red card = $15

Top: Loft's 
Bottom: Target's

1. The differences are very subtle.  The jewels in Loft's sweaters have encasements to secure the jewels.  Both Target and Loft's jewels are individually sewn on.  Meaning both are secure but you will be able to see the thread if you look closely on the Target sweater.  

2. Material and care instructions 
Loft sweater - since the Loft sweaters contain either 30% wool or 10% silk, the care instructions have adviced to hand wash and lay flat to dry.  The target sweaters are made in cotton, rayon, and nylon.  Therefore, you may machine wash in cold and tumble try, and it's okay to iron.

3. Cost - I'm stating the obvious here.  You are paying more for the wool/silk/jewel incasement.  

4. sizing - I'm happy that Target's xs is running smaller.  Target's XS fits me just as well as Loft's PXS or PXXS.  

FINAL verdict: I personally hate hand washing clothes.  I like tossing my sweaters in a net bag and wash in cold water, followed by tumble dry in my dryer.  It just makes life a little easier.  Also, if you have kids, your clothes are bound to get dirty and it will hurt to get stains you can't remove on an expensive sweater.  For practical reasons, I will pick Target sweaters over Loft.  But, both are pretty and great choices for the holidays.  Happy shopping everyone!

Other wardrobe staples from Target I would recommend,

Stay warm everyone!