Monday, March 31, 2014


For those who have known me for years would know that I tend to buy plain Jane clothes.  I always go for the basics, classics, and wardrobe staples that never go out of style.  To dress up my T shirt and pants look this week, I decided to go with a black and white color block theme.  If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen my sale alert post at Banana Republic and BR factory.  Did you find all sorts of goodies too?  Without further ado, I present to you my outfit of the day.

Banana Republic Colorblock Top with sloan pants and calvin klein laura flats and kate spade tote
Front view
Banana Republic Colorblock Top PXS ($15.75 w/ stackable coupons in store)
Calvin Klein Women's Laura Flats in black/ivory ($37 at Nordstrom Rack)
Kate Spade Wellesley Boarskin Samson tote (2009 bag) (similar) (similar)

In store and online prices at Banana Republic are different.  Tends to be cheaper in store.  If cheaper online, most places will price match for you.

Banana Republic Colorblock Top with sloan pants and calvin klein laura flats and kate spade tote

Side view with front half tucked in

Let's start breaking down the outfit from top to bottom!

chanel CC logo creme white earrings
Chanel CC Logo creme color earrings (old)

This was a complete splurge after passing my board exam.  After studying days and nights for months, I treated myself to this pair of earrings.  I am so glad I did because I wear them all the time.  They are casual, yet chic.  I can dress them up or dress them down.  ~LOVE~

Banana Republic Colorblock Top with sloan pants and calvin klein laura flats and kate spade tote

Banana Republic Colorblock Top with sloan pants and calvin klein laura flats and kate spade tote
Top from the front and back.  It has a zipper back which weights the shirt down creating the slight V collar shape in the back.  Another feature I like about this top is the sleeves.  The shape of the sleeves flares out like an A line skirt on your arms.  It's a flattering cut that narrows the appearance of the shoulders and makes the arms appear slimmer.

Banana Republic Colorblock Top with sloan pants and calvin klein laura flats and kate spade tote

Banana Republic Colorblock Top with sloan pants and calvin klein laura flats and kate spade tote
Side view of the pants

I like how there is a slit on the side.  The slit causes the bottom to flare out a little bit, creating more of a trouser look than just another pair of black tights.  This pair of pants is stretchy and extremely slim fit.  If you have fuller hips and thighs, you may prefer the BR Hampton fit crop pants.  The Hampton cut is less stretchy and way more flattering on someone that has more curves.  

Kate Spade Wellesley Boarskin Samson tote
I love this bag.  It's so structured and I love the texture of boarskin.  Inside has a green + white polka dot lining.  It's truly a classic.  I didn't carry a purse for the longest time because I've always worn my backpack for school, which never seemed to end.  From high school, then college, and up till med school graduation, it was my backpack and I.  This was my first real purse, and perhaps the symbol of my first real step into having responsibilities?

Calvin Klein Women's Laura Flats side view and kate spade tote

Calvin Klein Women's Laura Flats front view

This pair of shoes is so cute.  I fell in love with it when I first tried it on.  It is definitely NOT comfortable though.  It is gorgeous but it is very narrow.  I wear these babies only when I am having a sedentary day like going to Starbucks to study where the most I will ever walk is 20steps to and from my car.  If I had narrow feet, I would wear these shoes everyday because they are so versatile and chic!

Thank you for visiting my page and have a great week!

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Friday, March 28, 2014


I love this dress the moment I saw it on Sarah Seven's website.  You can always spot a Sarah Seven dress because of her unique sweetheart design.  It's such a flattering cut.  Her dresses are also a lot more affordable.  I find it to be a great choice for budget brides that does not want to spend over $2,000 on a new or preowned dress.  You can always get this dress 15% off at trunk shows or if it's your first time purchase at lovely bride located in Hollywood.  Sarah Seven tailors the corset of the dress to your measurements.  But, the dress comes in specific sizes.  Which means you may need alterations to have the dress fit you like a glove. (Yes, do plan at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding for tailoring).  Also, if you decide to get this dress, it takes half a year to make.  So that means this dress should be purchased at least 8 months before the wedding (assuming you need tailoring done).  

The unique sweetheart bust line 

sarah seven powdered sugar and valentino like jgshoe rockstud slingback
 Sarah Seven's Powdered Sugar, available at Lovely Bride $387 with 15%off
Jgshoe Rockstud sling-back $205, it's a cheaper alternative to Valentino $945
Wait for the promo codes at Jgshoe.  Promo codes (50%+ off) tends to pop up for New Years.  If you can't wait, you can try promo code: frmheadtotoe10 for 10% off at Jgshoe (code from frmheadtotoe)

sarah seven powdered sugar and valentino like jgshoe rockstud slingback

sarah seven powdered sugar and valentino like jgshoe rockstud slingback

sarah seven powdered sugar and valentino like jgshoe rockstud slingback

sarah seven powdered sugar and valentino rockstud slingback

I really do love those shoes from Jgshoes.  They are tailor made to my wide feet so I can walk miles and not feel pain.  Since it's tailor made, you can also alter anything about the shoe to make them perfect for you.  I made my heels lower because I wanted a pair that I can wear a lot.  The 5 inch heels tend to stay in my shoe closet and only come out for special events.  Their rockstud slingback is not cheap.  But, it's a lot cheaper than the Valentino stud slingback.  Nonetheless, it is a staple and goes with many things.  If you do choose to buy from Jgshoes, it will come to you in a box from Korea.  I had no problem with shipping time or cost.  I ordered mine with the new year sale in December and the shoes arrived in early January when I came back from my vacation.  Jgshoes also has great communication with their customers to make sure the shoes are exactly what you want them to be.

Thanks for visiting :)

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Monday, March 24, 2014

BEAUTY BATTLE ROUNDS: ENVIE DE NEUF exfoliating gel VS. THERADERM NuPeel enzyme peel


I've gotten more and more requests on comparison posts so I decided to start a beauty battle series.  This is where I will compare similar products to see if one is worth the price difference.

I have a few exfoliation products I love.  One of my favorite exfoliation product is the Borghese mud mask.  But, it is rather drying and I can only use it once a week for my dry, sensitive skin.  Then I discovered enzyme exfoliation, which is much more gentle.  You simply rub the gel onto your face and keep rubbing till dead skin surfaces.  This helps prevent the development of white heads and black heads.  Last thing we want is dead skin clogging our pores right?

I came across the Envie De Neuf Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel when I visited Taiwan.  The lady at the department store gave me a deal I simply could not refuse; $46 for 2 tubes.  I quickly bought it and fell in love with it.  After I rub and rinse with cold water, my skin radiates!

Envie De Neuf Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel vs. theraderm nupeel natural peeling gelEnvie De Neuf Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel vs. theraderm nupeel natural peeling gel                 vs.  

100mL                                                                           60mL

Let's see how well they exfoliate first.

Envie De Neuf Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel vs. theraderm nupeel natural peeling
 Left: Theraderm NuPeel, Right: Envie De Neuf (can you see gold specks?)

Envie De Neuf Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel vs. theraderm nupeel natural peeling exfoliation
 Envie De Neuf (the dead skin is colored in brown)

Envie De Neuf Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel vs. theraderm nupeel natural peeling exfoliation
Theraderm NuPeel (the dead skin is more white, and moisture is not fully absorbed after rubbing)

Exfoliation and moisture power: Envie De Neuf (EDN) picks up the dirt with the dead skin.  The moisture gets absorbed into my skin quickly as I rub my skin.  On the other hand, Theraderm NuPeel (TNP) exfoliates the skin just fine but does not pick up as much dirt and the moisture does not get absorbed by my skin as quickly

Time difference: Envie De Neuf (EDN) works much faster.  The moment you put on EDN, you can start rubbing and after 30-60 seconds, all my dead skin gets rubbed off.  Also, the dirt on my skin rubs off too.  On the contrary, the Theraderm NuPeel (TNP) needs some time to work.  After you apply a thin layer, you have to wait 30-60s before rubbing.  And once you start rubbing, it takes 2-3 mins to rub out all the dead skin. Overall, you would save almost 5 minutes with the EDN

Overall effect: They both did the job.  EDN was definitely faster but at the end of the day, both hands were exfoliated and felt soft to touch.  No difference to the naked eye aside from the dead skin being black with the EDN.  Both hands were moist and smelled great.

After rinse: not much difference between the two

Comparing ingredients and their functions
Theraderm NuPeel 
-Moisture: aloe, glycerin, hyaluronic acid
-Calming: aloe, green tea leaf, cucumber, chamomile flower
-Brightening: ascorbic acid, lemon
-Exfoliate: pineapple, papaya
-Antioxidant: green tea leaf
Envie De Neuf
-Moisture: Aloe
-Calming: witch hazel, algae extracts
-Brightening: 24 karat gold foil (releases anions to balance ions of skin to brighten)
-Exfoliate: papain enzyme
-Antioxidant: pomegranate

Note: both products have fragrance.  

Battle result: $63 per 100mL is equivalent to $37.8 per 60mL for EDN.  So is the $15.80 difference worth the difference?  For me, one big tube, using it twice a week will last me approximately half a year.  Saving $15.80 for half a year is not really worth saving 5min every 2-3days.  The TNP does have glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which locks down the moisture.  It also has more natural ingredients but it's not something I can use every other day because the acid from lemon and ascorbic acid will likely irritate my sensitive skin with chronic, regular use. Overall, I think I will switch back and forth between the two.  But, once I run out, I may just repurchase the EDN :)

I still use my Borghese mud mask for heavy duty hot summer days.  But, for my lazy days where I just want to rub and rinse, I would go to my enzyme peel :)  

That's all folks!  Let me know what your favorites are to exfoliate :)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ART OF ASYMMETRY: BCBGMAXAZRIA Trishna Long-Sleeve Asymmetrical Top

I got a sewing machine as a gift last year and the more I sew, the more I appreciate the work of a fashion designer.  The combination of the fabric and cut in this top created an effortless flow.  It drapes so perfectly on the human body, that this top became one of my favorites.  To match this top, I decided to add a pop of color.  I've been loving dark purple with light grey.  So I tossed in the purple crocodile print shoes and purple purse and I was ready to go out.   

front view of BCBGMAXAZRIA Trishna Long-Sleeve Asymmetrical Top and zara trafaluc draped mini
BCBG Trishna Long-Sleeve Asymmetrical Top, also available here, 20% off with code: SALE

side view of BCBGMAXAZRIA Trishna Long-Sleeve Asymmetrical Top and zara trafaluc draped mini

purple coach mini saffiano leather satchel with kenneth cole purple take chance flats

BCBGMaxazria Trishna long sleeve asymmetrical top side view with zara V shape skirt and coach purple satchel

BCBGMaxazria Trishna long sleeve asymmetrical top front view

BCBGMaxazria Trishna long sleeve asymmetrical top zara V shape skirt coach satchel

purple coach mini saffiano leather satchel with kenneth cole purple take chance flats and le preciosa twist ring
Coach mini saffiano leather satchel, was on sale before at Nordstrom and Dillards
Kenneth Cole Purple Take Chance Flats (available at Nordstrom Rack, zappos)

Looks and comfort are what I always look for in a pair of shoes. These shoes are wide feet friendly.  Very comfortable and not constricting even though it's pointy.  I wear them to add some color to my outfit for work all the time.  They are so versatile, which makes them a great wardrobe staple.   

BCBGMaxazria Trishna long sleeve asymmetrical top drapes nicely with H&M denim shorts

 I decided to add these 3 photos because I really appreciate the drape of this top.  I love how it encases the shorts.  It's such a flattering cut.

H&M distressed denim shorts sparkly leopard print pockets

 This is my first pair of distressed denim shorts.  I love how the pockets are made out of sparkly leopard print fabric that shines subtly between the threads of the distressed pattern on these shorts.  It's so cute.  For girls who are interested, this pair of shorts run small.  The smallest size is a 4.  Normally, I wear a 2 at H&M.  But, the size 4 fits me like a glove.  Pair them off with a pair of nude heels will immediately make your legs look inches longer.

Last, but not least, you can get 15% off your H&M purchase if you donate a bag of unwanted clothing.  This is a part of H&M conscious movement for a more sustainable fashion future.

Notice a recycling bin next to the cashier at H&M?  They have one nationwide in each H&M store.  Donate 1 ANY SIZE bag of clothing that you no longer want (torn/old/doesn't fit) in exchange for a 15% off voucher.  Clothing does not have to be from H&M.

1. you can get up to 2 vouchers per day.
2. Each voucher work on ONE item of your choice, NOT full purchase.
3. These vouchers are NOT stackable coupons.  Can be used on sale items but cannot be combined with other coupons.
4. One voucher per purchase.

Thank you for visiting my page. Have a great week!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Free People Salina Foil Print Dress

I've really been sporting lace lately.  I came across this little black dress in Nordstrom Rack last week and thought it was so pretty and classy.  They used to sell it at Nordstrom for $128, it is now on Revolve for $90, and $45 at Nordstrom Rack.  There is a dress within the dress.  The inner layer is much shorter than the outer layer.  The outer layer fans out, whereas the inner layer is much more form fitting.  This combination gives the dress a rather unique look.  Because the dress starts fanning out below the chest, it makes you look taller and is more forgiving in areas where unwanted visceral fat lies.  I find this design to be effortlessly flattering for the pear shape ladies out there.  However, for very slim, petite girls, after you shorten the straps, it will make your chest look smaller because the dress would not accentuate the waist.  Also, there are subtle gold specks that scatters throughout the dress.  The gold specks do not sparkle.  But, it gives a hint of color that catches your eye to the beautiful lace pattern.  

free people salina foil print lace dress the little black dress sam edelman nude heels
Free People Salina Foil Print Dress, $90 at Revolve, $45 at Rack, $128 orig. price
Sam Edelman Orly Kitten Heel Pumps, $45 at Rack, $115 (reg. price) (similarsimilarsimilar)
These shoes are sold out in many places because it's an older style.  But, there are some available at Nordstrom Rack and Ebay.

free people salina foil print lace dress the little black dress

free people salina foil print lace dress the little black dress

free people salina foil print lace dress the little black dress sam edelman nude heels

free people salina foil print lace dress the little black dress sam edelman nude heels

These are the most comfortable heels I own.  I found these last week at Nordstrom Rack and I've been wearing them everywhere.  They virtually go with anything and are wide enough so they don't hurt my feet.  In fact, they are more comfortable than some flats I own.  Also, they make my legs look much slimmer and longer.  For the quality and comfort, $45 is well worth the price if you can find them in the Rack near you.  The only bad thing about sling back shoes is that I can't wear them with boot cuts or flare pants because the back of the pants will always get caught between my heel and shoe.  Nonetheless, I'm so happy I found them!  They are my new go to nude pumps. ^.^  Happy feet, happy me :)

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Saturday, March 15, 2014


How many of you reading this wakes up with the baby glow?  I'm going to be very honest, I don't wake up glowing with radiant skin unless if I put an overnight mask on.  I certainly can't put a mask on everyday.  But, I have found certain products that can give me a really natural glow.  Especially on those post call days or sleepless nights where I drown my kidneys with coffee that contribute to dull, dry skin.  You may refer this glow to as the dewy look.  There are a lot of products that can give the dewy look.  Of all the products I've tried, here are my personal favorites.

1. Glow to highlight: light colors make features pop (so this will help you contour).  I prefer powder highlighter.  For me, the cream sticks don't look as natural and it's much harder to blend.  I use the Smashbox fan brush to achieve the most natural finish with this shine on powder.  Other brushes tend to pick up too much powder for highlighting.  I highlight my T zone area, chin, and cheeks (top part of where I apply my blush).  Every time I use this in combo with the mist below, my fiance will tell me that my skin is glowing :)

makeup forever highlighter makes skin glow and dewy

                                  (left) Make Up For Ever Compact Shine On, in soft ivory beige, $30
                                       (right) picture of me with the highlighter on top of foundation.

       Left: no makeup.  Right: with highlighter

 As you can see, it's very subtle.  You can't see sparkles, it's very natural.

2. Glow to look overall radiant.  This functions as a primer with spf.  It has no coverage what so ever.  If you have dull skin with no blemish to cover and a decent complexion, putting this on alone will do the job.  But, if you have blemishes or in need of color correction, once you add foundation over it, the glow will be covered by the pigments of your foundation and your skin won't glow.  I would recommend this to someone that wants a really natural look and doesn't put much foundation or powder on.  If you have foundation and powder, I think the spray below would be more promising.  It is spf 30, which is not that high, so this alone would not suffice for outdoor adventures.

etude house correct and care makes skin glow and dewy

(Left) Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream - Glow, $17.48
(Right) me with CC cream on (no foundation)

 Left: no makeup, Right: cc cream

You can tell that the cc cream provided no coverage for my veins.  But, it does give you an overall glow to get rid of the dullness.  I will talk about the difference between blemish balm (BB) cream and correct & care (CC) cream in a separate post in the future. 

3. Glow to freshen up.  This is an easy spray to freshen up that glow.  It smells good and it adds moisture on those hot, dry summer days or cold winter days.  This spray is so moisturizing, I use it as a moisture mist and it gives me an instant radiant boost.  My skin literally glows when I spray this on.  There are no glitters either so it looks very natural.  However, if you have oily skin, I would not recommend this.  This also has a fresh fragrance, nothing overwhelming like certain perfumes.  Its' scent is rather refreshing.
 etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist makes skin glow and dewy

                              (left) Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Mist, $14
                                 (right) me with highlighter + baby glow mist on

 This mist does what it says.  It makes you glow.  It does provide good moisture.  The moisture, however, doesn't last that long.  On the contrary, the glow lasted 6-8 hours.  I would not solely use this as a moisture mist because if i spray more than once to replenish moisture, I would end up looking oily.  But, on those post call days where my skin looks dull, this mist and concealer are definitely a quick fix.  I will do a comparison between this mist and the MAC fix in a separate post in the future.

What are your favorites?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014


So a little bird from work told me today about the Toms wholesale event!  Love her!  I recently posted an outfit with Toms wedge booties, currently sold at Nordstrom for $90.  Well, you can get them for approx $20 at the wholesale event.  For those who are interested and live in San Francisco, Vegas, Southern California, or Phoenix, you can visit the super sale!

For Bay Area, Vegas, and Phoenix (TBA)

For Corona:
421 N. Cota Street
Corona, CA 92880

March 27-30,2014
Thursday, March 27th | 10am – 8pm
Friday, March 28th | 10am – 8pm
Saturday, March 29th | 9am – 7pm
Sunday, March 30th | 9am – 7pm
Good luck!
toms desert bootiewalk in style and comfort~

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yupe, this post is about all the dirt cheap sales I saw TODAY.  So I'm going to start with Banana Republic's peplum dress.  I tried on the black one in store and LOVED it.  If you are petite like me, go check it out.  If it fits me, chances are that it will fit you too.

Banana Republic Lightweight wool peplum dress $150, BUT, $90 for black, and additional 40% off with code BRLUCKY (expires today! 3/17/14) = total: $54 and $58 including tax.  So girls, $54 for a $150 wool dress is a steal in my opinion.  The cutting was gorgeous and the peplum really flatters the petite body or less curvy ladies.  Yes, peplum is in again this year.  Even Vera Wang used peplum in her wedding gown design this year. :)

Next up, Ann Taylor LOFT.
I guess additional 40% off their items is nothing new.  I see additional 40% off every time I walk by Loft.  There are some final sale items I saw that was SO cheap, I had to share with you!

$24.99 Final Sale in store, 40% off does not apply. (similar, similar)
If you are petite, the length is just right.  I'm wearing a 00p in this picture and it's kind of loose.  Maybe that's the style.  I really loved the pattern though.  Just wished that it was a little more form fitting so I don't look like a tube from the side or in the front.  But, if you are curvier, this might not look as loose and can be a lovely work appropriate dress for $24.99!  

This sweater's color is a nice heather grey for $21 with the 40% off.
I don't know how well you can see the design but it has tiny little holes that runs down the middle.  This is a regular XS.  I would prefer one size down personally.  Nonetheless, I decided to post this because it's a pretty good deal for someone else!

Burgundy Cords sexy boot.  $10 in store (more expensive online)
For size reference, these are 24, 00.  Very stretchy, comfy, and has a slim bootcut on the bottom.  It's a dark burgundy but much lighter in person.  If I didn't have a couple pair of burgundy pants already, I would have bought these in a heart beat.  I love burgundy.  It matches with so many colors.  Very versatile!

Blue skirt, $20 including the 40% off. (cheaper in store)
I really love this blue.  Picture on the right is how it fits on me (size 00 reg.).  It's definitely not the best fit.  On the left, I pulled it in a little to see how it would look if I bust out my sewing machine.  I think this skirt has great potential.  It is made out of very nice material and it is lined.  This item is not on final sale.  I'm debating if I should return this.  But, I really do love this color and fabric! :) What do you think?

That's it for today!

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