Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Happy Holidays!  With the weather getting cold, I started to look for some nice winter sweaters.  Came across some sweaters from Target and found them to be very similar to the ones in loft.  What do you think?  Worth paying more for the brand name?

loft jeweled 3/4 sleeve sweater 

Orig: 69.50, now on sale 54.99, now additional 40% off no code needed =$33

target embellished crew neck pullover sweater merona

Orig. 27.99, now 16.79, additional 10% off with red card = $15

Left: Target jewels
Right: Loft jewels

loft jeweled ribbed sweater

$69.50, now 50% off without code = $35
target embellished crew neck pullover sweater merona

Target's Embellished Crew Neck Pullover Sweater - Merona

Orig 27.99, now $16.79, additonal 10% off with red card = $15

Top: Loft's 
Bottom: Target's

1. The differences are very subtle.  The jewels in Loft's sweaters have encasements to secure the jewels.  Both Target and Loft's jewels are individually sewn on.  Meaning both are secure but you will be able to see the thread if you look closely on the Target sweater.  

2. Material and care instructions 
Loft sweater - since the Loft sweaters contain either 30% wool or 10% silk, the care instructions have adviced to hand wash and lay flat to dry.  The target sweaters are made in cotton, rayon, and nylon.  Therefore, you may machine wash in cold and tumble try, and it's okay to iron.

3. Cost - I'm stating the obvious here.  You are paying more for the wool/silk/jewel incasement.  

4. sizing - I'm happy that Target's xs is running smaller.  Target's XS fits me just as well as Loft's PXS or PXXS.  

FINAL verdict: I personally hate hand washing clothes.  I like tossing my sweaters in a net bag and wash in cold water, followed by tumble dry in my dryer.  It just makes life a little easier.  Also, if you have kids, your clothes are bound to get dirty and it will hurt to get stains you can't remove on an expensive sweater.  For practical reasons, I will pick Target sweaters over Loft.  But, both are pretty and great choices for the holidays.  Happy shopping everyone!

Other wardrobe staples from Target I would recommend,

Stay warm everyone! 

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  1. I usually don't go for the jeweled sweaters but I've seen some that are actually pretty cute.