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Hello all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Sorry for the delayed post.  I was in the mountains the last few days and didn't have very good internet connections.  I was at Seven Gables Inn and saw the cutest old couples chatting about their grandchildren.  Grandma 1: "You know those kids are catching on to their parents nowadays.  They don't use Facebook anymore.  It's all about Instagram now."  Grandma 2: "Yes, I think kids realized they don't want their parents to know everything."  Grandma 1: "I agree, Facebook is for older people."  Anyhow, they were so cute, I just had to share it with you.  I feel somewhat aged because I'm a Facebook user.  I wonder what social media people will share their life in 10 years from now.

So, I've been on a brown boots hunt for the longest time.  When I look for boots, it's about the length, fit, height, and comfort.

1. Fit - I like it when the fit is sleek without unwanted gaps for a more classy, chic look.  This may apply especially to those with varus deformity (aka bow leg) Here is a comparison.

      Left: fitted at the opening, without gaps on the sides.           Right: gaps at the opening.
I simply love slim, fitted boots.  

2. length:  This depends on your leg length.  If you have long skinny legs, you can essentially pull anything off.  Shorter legs may benefits from optical illusion.
When boots do not cover the thinner portions of the leg, the leg will tend to look slimmer.  
  • Boots that won't make legs look thicker: ankle, right below the knee, or right over the knee (literally covering up to the knee). 
  • Boots that won't make legs look shorter: right below the knee or ankle.  Anything above the knee will make legs look shorter.

  • Short/thin women: knee-high, calf-length, and ankle boots will be most flattering while above the knee may shorten your height further.
  • Short/curvier women: knee-high and ankle-length boots will be most flattering, as calf-length boots will shorten your build or widen your calf.
  • Tall/thin/curvier women: All lengths work.  But, same applies, the taller the boot, the shorter the leg may appear.
Finally, moving on to my boot comparison.  Today, I will be comparing Jessica Simpson's Beagan Wedge boot (now $79.90 at Nordies and $77 with coupon in Macy's) and Rockport's Total Motion Knee high wedge boot $179 at Nordies. 

As you can see, the shorter the boot, the longer the leg looks.  This however, does not mean longer boots are not flattering.  It just has to hit the leg in the right areas by showing slimmer areas of the leg.  

Rockport's Total Motion 
  • 1 1/2" heel.
  • 17" boot shaft; 13 3/4" calf circumference. Stretches to fit. (great for those with slimmer calves)
  • Partial side-zip closure.
  • ADIPRENE+® by adidas for all-day comfort and forefoot cushioning - feels like you are walking in tennis shoes!!!
  • Suede upper/textile lining/rubber sole. (BLACK COMES IN LEATHER UPPER)
  • comes in wide for those with wide feet.

Jessica Simpson's Beagan
  • 1 1/2" heel 
  • 19" boot shaft; 14" calf circumference. Stretches to fit wide calf.
  • Leather and textile upper/textile lining/synthetic sole.
  • Comfortable (can walk all day)
  • does not come in wide, but leather stretches and it's comfortable.  I have wide feet and they are not narrow at all 

Which boot do you vote for?  I like both but I only need one pair of brown boots.  The Rockport is more comfortable and way more form fitting, makes my legs look longer, but doesn't have the leather shiny look in brown.  The Jessica Simpson boots are comfortable, has the leather, shiny look, and fits right over the knee, while showing the slimmer part of the thigh.  The color brown is lighter which is more desired for greater contrast with darker/black pants.

Tough call, both are nice.  My final verdict: Jessica Simpson's Beagan boots.  If you are looking for black boots, I highly suggest the Rockport Total Motion in black leather :)

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