Tuesday, August 19, 2014


For all the petite medical professionals out there, you may know how I feel about scrubs or coats that don't fit.  I've heard many people talk about grey's anatomy scrubs and they do look very comfortable and fitting on many nurses.  I personally really like Wonder Wink Flex.  It's very comfortable, $10-20 cheaper, and has pockets that are extremely functional and in all the right places.

Wonder Wink has many lines of scrubs made with different materials.  There is the origins, four stretch, flex, plus, utility, easy fit and mink.  I personally really like flex.  I'm not a fan of four stretch or origins because the cutting doesn't quit fit right.  Flex is perfect both in thickness, and cutting.

I'm 5'2, 97lbs and the wonder flex pxxs fits me like a glove.  It does shrink in the wash.

Here are the measurements post shrinkage from being washed in hot water and machine dried.  Measurements taken with shirt lying flat.
WonderFlex Verity V Neck Top: XXS
shoulder to shoulder: 13'
chest: 16.5'
waist: 15'
length: 24'
WonderFlex Slim Straight pant: XXS
waist: 11.5', stretched out spandex waist: 14.5'
rise 8.5'
inseam: 29'
leg opening: 5.6'
WonderFlex Faith Multi-Pocket Cargo Pant: XXSP
waist 12.5', stretched out spandex waist: 17.5
leg opening: 9'
rise: 8.5'
inseam: 28'

I love these scrub pants. The pockets on the side of the leg is perfect for half folded notes.  The slim cutting makes it look very fashionable.  To a point where they look like jeans from far away.  Take off the scrub top, add on a t shirt and you're ready to go out to run errands without looking like you are wearing a uniform.  I have received endless complements on these slim fit scrub pants.  This pair of pants have less pockets but it's okay because I wear it with a scrub top that has 4 pockets!  Plus, it's so fitted, putting anything in the pockets would protrude like a tumor.

WonderFlex Faith Multi-Pocket Cargo Pant: ($18.88)
These are useful!  Front pockets are great for my cash, separate front pocket with velcro closure for coins or credit card, and side pocket for notes.  This pair of pants is awesome.  Comes in petite so I don't even have to alter the length.  Comfy and doesn't look too loose.  I highly recommend this :)

WonderFlex Verity V Neck Top: ($15.98)
I like how it's fitting.  The placement of the pockets are also very practical.  It's fitting in the chest and waist area.  The pockets are located on the bottom of the top so when you reach down to grab something, phones or coins won't drop out of the pocket.  (Things dropping out often happens with chest pockets)  The front left has one giant pocket.  I can keep all my small pocket books there or my cell phone.  The pockets on the right is separated into 2 front and one big back pocket.  The two in the front is great for separating my pager, and my pens.  The big pocket behind the 2 small ones are great for pocket review books, quick references, or patient stickers, etc.  

Overall, I love these scrubs.  The design is practical and fashionable.  It's durable and the quality is great.  Only thing is that I can't wear it in the OR.  But, I wouldn't want all those notes, pens, and books in the OR anyways.  So it all works out.  If you are petite or want some practical, fitted scrubs, I highly suggest these.  I will be posting up pictures of how it looks on me later this week.  Until then, thank you for being patient with me.  This scrub review post have been long requested and past due!  

Thank you for reading.  Have a blessed week!


  1. Hiiii thanks for posting all of this! I'm 4'11 and around your weight. My inseam's a little shorter but I'm super excited about these scrubs. I've been hunting around forever so I'm glad I found this! I saw the other post with you wearing them and you look great. You're really funny and sweet too haha :)

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