Thursday, February 27, 2014


Suffering from dry lips? You are not alone.  I used to use Carmex.  But, I would always have to reapply.  Next came Fresh's sugar advanced therapy lip treatment that came in my Sephora's mini birthday gift set.  It works well and I didn't need to reapply as often.  But, it breaks easily, and doesn't last very long.  Then I found BITE beauty's agave lip mask.  This was truly a money saver for me.  The dead skin peeled off on it's own, and I don't have dry lips anymore.

Here is the comparison of 2 top lip products.

  • Works pretty well but the product doesn't last very long.  No fragrance. Felt moisturized and soft after use.  Lips weren't dry but didn't help with the lip wrinkles for me.  The large size lip treatment lasted only about 3-4 months for me.  

  • Works pretty well too.  No fragrance.  Felt moisturized, soft, no wrinkles after 4 applications.  After 2 applications, my dead skin fell off on their own without any scrubs.  One application lasts all day.  A little goes a long way.  It is very thick and viscous.  When I had dry, cracked lips, I used this twice a day for a week.  Now I use it once a day.  Looks great under lipstick.  At the rate that I'm using this lip mask, I think one tube should last me at least half a year to a year. 
I used both of these lip products with this lipstick, Too Faced La Creme .  Also, very moisturizing.  But, runs out fast like Fresh's sugar advanced lip treatment :(  The Nude Beach color is so pretty though!  

Verdict: going to stick with BITE beauty's agave lip mask :)  

Let me know if you know of other products that works really well on dry lips!

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