Sunday, February 8, 2015


We've been looking at houses in Claremont and passed by this little park that ended up being the perfect backdrop for this week's photos.  Ever since I saw a fireplace made with stacking stones, I've been obsessed with it.  So when I saw the stacking stone wall, I just had to stop and take some photos there.  I've been looking for a pink wool jacket this winter and I finally found one that fits me!  It's so warm and comfy.  This shade of pink matches casually with jeans and drapes elegantly over a dress.  I can never say no to versatility.  

The fabric feels like mohair but it's soft and not irritating to the skin at all.  It is lined.  It is 30% wool, 25% polyester, 23% alpaga, and 15% mohair.  Very warm and comfortable.  Was on sale for $39.99!

~Staying warm this winter~


  1. Gorgeous! You look so pretty! Love the coat!

  2. Love it! Cute and classy at the same time

  3. That pink wool jacket looks so amazing on you, it does fit you perfectly! It's such a great feeling to find a piece that can be used in many different ways, nice piece choice!

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